Do you really want to use a SSD in an Xbox One?

I keep coming across responses to my Xbox One research about how obvious it is that of course a SSD is faster than the OEM drive.

Sure, it’s faster… but only 10-20%.  In a typical PC, a SSD will often perform twice as fast as a mechanical 2.5″ disk in the same real-world scenarios.  So would I keep a SSD in my Xbox One?  Nope.  I pulled out the EVO and it’s now sitting in a cheap USB 3.0 enclosure.

Do I think it’s worth modding the Xbox One?  That depends.  Ask yourself this first… 11.5 months from now, when your Xbox One dies for whatever reason, especially if it’s not disk-related, who are you going to blame?  If you can’t blame yourself, then don’t do it.  If you can’t afford to go out and buy a replacement, don’t do the mod.

Did I do this because I thought I needed the extra speed or storage?  Nope.  I did this because no one had publicly proven that you could swap the drive, at the point I started.  I was craving a project for the weekend, and being an engineer who loves to optimize for performance, I thought it would be fun, and a potential giant waste of money.  There were a couple of times I was worried I was out half a grand.

This sort of stuff isn’t for the typical gamer.  Actually, Sony did a much better job to address that kind of user by giving easy access to the storage bay, and blessing the modification.

By the way, would I do this again?  Yeah… I loved the challenge, even though I didn’t get much sleep and still haven’t had time to play a single game on the system.


About briandwilliams68

My friends call me the biggest geek they know. I have been wired this way since I was a kid, having seen a Timex Sinclair for the first time. I love everything tech-related, from programming to the latest gadgets. I work for Adobe here in San Jose, my focus is on high performance computing, especially as it relates to media processing.

4 responses to “Do you really want to use a SSD in an Xbox One?”

  1. James says :

    I’m not sure if ill ever do it, but I do support you!

  2. Jason says :

    Does this still work after the December update? I saw your comment on YouTube.

    • briandwilliams68 says :

      I haven’t gone back go try to reproduce the sequence with an updated drive, I chose, instead, to just keep the original drive installed, for now. I might take another stab at it while I am on vacation during the holidays.

      • Jason says :

        Thank you. I too was looking for a holiday project and I just simply wanted a larger (at least 1TB) drive in the thing because I prefer to use the digital game purchase instead of going to the store, but the current drive is much to small to support this in the long run.

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