News Spreads…

I bet everyone wonders if the video they post on YouTube will get views.  I’m surprised to see it approach 60 thousand, already.  Given the link tracking to the blog, I thought it was all due to the articles on Engadget and Kotaku.  If I was surprised to see the view count going up sharply, I was shocked to find all of the tech sites that have reported on the benchmarks… some of my favorites, too…

I think it’s interesting, though… the more savvy sites agree with my personal findings, don’t upgrade the drive for performance reasons.  Personally, I think an SSD is overkill – a waste of money… if it wasn’t a great Black Friday deal, the 500GB EVO would be going back 🙂

It wasn’t until I found Juvenal1’s scripts, right after publishing the video, that I gained more hope about the project.  I think having access to 880GB of game storage changes the equation, especially if Microsoft makes you buy a branded drive, like the Xbox 360.

I’m still hoping Microsoft is going to release a Cable Card DVR option for that USB 3.0 port.  They have had the technology for Windows Media Center for some time, I think it’s more a matter of getting CableLabs approval.  That would make the XB1 a real game changer!



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My friends call me the biggest geek they know. I have been wired this way since I was a kid, having seen a Timex Sinclair for the first time. I love everything tech-related, from programming to the latest gadgets. I work for Adobe here in San Jose, my focus is on high performance computing, especially as it relates to media processing.

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