I’m your typical Silicon Valley tech geek.  I have always loved technology.  I remember envying my friends’ Apple IIs and Comodore 64s growing up, while I was still ecstatic to get a VIC 20 for Christmas one year.

I typically upgrade my phone once or twice a year… it used to be just once, for the latest iPhone, before Android became really compelling.  I have a couple of tablets.  Okay 3, if you count the Surface Pro.  If you consider that more of a laptop, then I have two of those!

I enjoy digital photography, yet I pull out my Canon 5D MkIII less and less frequently as these phone cameras improve.  I shot my entire Xbox One hard drive project with the iPhone 5s.

I work for Adobe.  I use the Creative Cloud set of applications to produce the media you see posted.

Finally, the French Bulldog you see as my Avatar and in some of my shots is named Gigabit.  We call her Giggy… or if you are nerd enough, GigE.



3 responses to “About”

  1. Corey says :

    Hey Brian. Ugh… So stressed. I seen digital foundry use the Seagate Hybrid as an external so I picked two up today. Put one in my PS4. No problem. XBOne refuses to see it using the proper USB 3 port. Please help. I’m missing something here and it has me floored. Thanks in advance !!!

    • briandwilliams68 says :

      Hey Corey, what sort of USB enclosure are you using for the drive? I actually plugged in a Seagate 2TB Hybrid and have had no problems using it. I grabbed an enclosure from Frys… not certain which one. Everything is tucked into the media cabinet and not easy to reach.

  2. Corey says :

    I’ve tried two enclosures. The Collective Minds media hub side piece made for the system (you can buy w controllers at best buy) and an Insignia enclosure that my friend used w no problem. Using both of these my computer seen them. The XBOne also won’t see the original PS4 drive. Again, my computer does.

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