I just finished watching “Artifact”, an interesting movie about 30 Seconds to Mars’ legal battle with EMI in the midst of major industry upheaval. Was EMI really the villain in all of this, the fans who pirate music, or the entire industry who chose not to evolve?

Who remembers when CDs came out, and they explained that there was no reason that the cost of the Disc should remain $15-$20, that over time, it should drop as low as a few bucks? Was it this greed which spurred the technological revolution?


About briandwilliams68

My friends call me the biggest geek they know. I have been wired this way since I was a kid, having seen a Timex Sinclair for the first time. I love everything tech-related, from programming to the latest gadgets. I work for Adobe here in San Jose, my focus is on high performance computing, especially as it relates to media processing.

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