Taking things apart is so much easier…

Now that I have the full capacity of the 1TB Hybrid SSHD operational, it’s time to put it all back together.  I am having a tough time getting the touch sensor to work, though.


Yay for Juvenal!

Juvenal at Team Xecuter has figured out the partition scheme!  I have used his scripts to take advantage of the full capacity of the 1TB Hybrid SSHD!  I am going to make another video which goes through the process, step-by-step.


Xbox One Hard Drive Upgrade Alternatives With Benchmarks

Since iFixit posted the first tear down, people have theorized that the Xbox One hard drive was upgradeable. It’s known doing so would void the warranty. I decided to take the chance and measure the performance gains of using Hybrid SSHD and SSD drives, comparing boot and game load times with each.

I am still trying to find a way to partition the 1TB Hybrid SSHD to use the full capacity.

Publish Proof!


While I am still catching up on documenting my process to upgrade the Xbox One hard disk, I thought I should create a benchmark video demonstrating the performance gains with both a SSD and a Hybrid SSHD.  Here’s my Premiere CC project for all of you Adobe fans out there.

Cracking It Open


I found that the iFixit XBox One tear down wasn’t as thorough as others I have read in the past.  Maybe because this one voids the warranty, or maybe because they assume you know what you are doing.

Here’s something they didn’t really explain.  Use the metal prying tool that’s about 1/4″ thick, and start from the clip under the plastic cover they show you how to remove, and slowly and carefully pry loose going around clock-wise, around the back, to the other side and then down the lower edge of the front.  Don’t be afraid when a small plastic panel on the starting side falls out.

Be careful removing the screws, you don’t want to strip them.  Using the iFixit repair kit, I created a fulcrum by combining the screw driver with one of the other thin metal tools, which made it so much easier to remove the screws.

Now that the drive is removed, time to make a copy!

My Thanksgiving Weekend Project


I ordered an XBox One last week, and unlike most people, my first order of business, other than making certain that it boots, was to upgrade the hard disk.  Yeah, yeah, I know it voids the warranty, but so far, I haven’t found an internet article about anyone figuring out how to do this.

iFixit gave rough directions on how to disassemble the device, while TLD made a simple, but unsuccessful, first attempt at swapping the disk.

To accomplish this, I purchased an iFixit repair toolkit and a 1TB Seagate SSHD.  I am trying to limit myself to OS built-in, freeware or open source tools only.

I started this blog part way through my project, so I will bring everyone up to date…