Xbox One Hard Drive Upgrade Alternatives With Benchmarks

Since iFixit posted the first tear down, people have theorized that the Xbox One hard drive was upgradeable. It’s known doing so would void the warranty. I decided to take the chance and measure the performance gains of using Hybrid SSHD and SSD drives, comparing boot and game load times with each.

I am still trying to find a way to partition the 1TB Hybrid SSHD to use the full capacity.


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My friends call me the biggest geek they know. I have been wired this way since I was a kid, having seen a Timex Sinclair for the first time. I love everything tech-related, from programming to the latest gadgets. I work for Adobe here in San Jose, my focus is on high performance computing, especially as it relates to media processing.

63 responses to “Xbox One Hard Drive Upgrade Alternatives With Benchmarks”

  1. Formedras says :

    Have you tried hand-editing the bash script to change the partition sizes, or using GParted or Windows’ Disk Management tool to partition it all yourself, before converting the disk using the Python script?

    • Formedras says :

      Never mind… I think that is full capacity in the video.

      • briandwilliams68 says :

        Form, it’s still a good question… there is something special in the GPT that kept the Windows partition tool and GParted from working. I skimmed over Juvenal1’s script and it looks like he is re-writting the GPT in raw binary mode.

      • Formedras says :

        It does the partitioning as part of the bash script, right? Then try doing the manual partitioning instead of the bash script. That is, use GParted/Disk Management to reinitialize the drive, use the Python script to get the basic sizes of the drives, then manually partition to your spec and re-run the Python script.

      • briandwilliams68 says :

        It does the partitioning in the bash script, but then you run the python script again, which, from what I read, modifies the binary structure of the partition table.

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