My Thanksgiving Weekend Project


I ordered an XBox One last week, and unlike most people, my first order of business, other than making certain that it boots, was to upgrade the hard disk.  Yeah, yeah, I know it voids the warranty, but so far, I haven’t found an internet article about anyone figuring out how to do this.

iFixit gave rough directions on how to disassemble the device, while TLD made a simple, but unsuccessful, first attempt at swapping the disk.

To accomplish this, I purchased an iFixit repair toolkit and a 1TB Seagate SSHD.  I am trying to limit myself to OS built-in, freeware or open source tools only.

I started this blog part way through my project, so I will bring everyone up to date…


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My friends call me the biggest geek they know. I have been wired this way since I was a kid, having seen a Timex Sinclair for the first time. I love everything tech-related, from programming to the latest gadgets. I work for Adobe here in San Jose, my focus is on high performance computing, especially as it relates to media processing.

One response to “My Thanksgiving Weekend Project”

  1. Ocarina of Time Nerd says :

    Good luck! Definitely want to know how this turns out.

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